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I have so many posts swirling around in my head. Many are sentence thoughts at this point. Oh, i would love to blog about that or this or THIS!! Now I just need to get that sentence thought into a couple paragraphs of thought. 

My days fill up so fast.

1. I have made my own body wash recently. I tried 2 different recipes. The first recipe, I probably won’t share because I don’t like it. It has left my skin feeling somewhat dry after a shower. The 2nd recipe, I haven’t tried yet. It is still sitting in the bottle waiting to be tried. I am excited about this one, because it has the inclusion of coconut oil in it. 

2. I have stopped using shampoo for my hair. For the wash I use a mixture of water and baking soda. Yes just 2 ingredients. For the rinse I have a mixture of vinegar, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and water. The recipe calls for honey, but I am just a little scared to put honey on my hair. I am worried that my hair will be too greasy! I am still trying to decide if I like this way of washing my hair. 

3. I have also been making my own baby wipes. I LOVE, LOVE them. They feels so clean and pure. I am not putting chemicals on my baby’s bum. My husband even likes the feel of them. But there are a few downsides, 1. they don’t easily pull apart like store wipes. 2. they will turn rancid so it is important to only make about a week’s worth at a time. 

4. I am also making some of my own cleaning products. Jury is still out on these also. Do I like my own toilet bowel cleaner. Still wanting to try a homemade bathroom cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner and a kitchen stain remover. 

5. I am sewing for someone else. I enjoy sewing WHEN it goes well. 

6. I am sewing sheet sets for my girls beds. They have custom sized bunk beds. The real downside of this is that no sheets fit right. Since we got them 7 months ago, the girls have just been using regular size twin sheets and putting the extra underneath the mattress. I am trying to downsize a few of the sheets to fit. I am still working on the first set. So jury is still out whether I am capable of doing that also. 

7. I have so many dreams of things that I want to do. Dreams, dreams, dreams at this point. My children and their schooling comes first at this point yet. I homeschool and love it. But it is something that takes a lot of time. My husband talks with someone that is passionate about education. And this friend is very concerned that homeschooled children get a good education. He finds it hard to understand how a mother can homeschool effectively and give her children the education that they deserve, plus do all the chores that need to be done to run a house effectively. For me I want to take this as a challenge and give my children an education that will prepare them for life and that will give them all the tools they need to effectively handle like. So because of the stage of life that I am in right now, those dreams are on hold. I am loving my summer vacation right now from school, but I also have already gotten most everything around for school in August and I am getting very excited about starting 2nd grade with my 2 oldest and pre-k with my 3rd child. She is actually at the moment standing bedside my chair begging me to teach her to read. So I just promised her that I would start teaching her to read in the fall. So something else to think about. How do I start to teach a 4 year old how to read. 🙂 I love the adventure. 

Hopefully more will be coming soon. . . 


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Once a month, I have a Saturday morning all to myself. My husband watches the children for the morning and makes lunch.  I spend a lot of time in reading the Bible, praying, journalling and thinking over my last month and the coming month. Each month I try to make a list of goals for the following month. Some of these goals have to do with my relationship with God, my relationship with my husband, my relationship with friends, and giving all diligence in being a homemaker. I just noticed that I don’t have any specific to my relationship with my children. I don’t always even try to get all these categories though.

1. Establish an hour of prayer every day

2. Glorify God in all I do.

3. Create a special date night for my husband and I .

4. Weigh in the _____’s – Rigid South Beach Diet.

5. Clean out Andre’s closet. 

6. Continue to blog and write articles offline.

7. Have a ladies day. Make doughnuts.

8. Get a daily check list going again. (this checklist is homemaking things that I should do each day and each day it is a little different.) I work better when I have a list to check off. It keeps me going.

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After a long silence, filled with lots of noise and activity, I am back to post. When I am writing I tend to be more purposeful. I tend to analyze what I am doing with my life and how to be purposeful and actively striving to be diligent in all areas.
Today in an effort to give diligence in all areas, I am going to houseclean a few closets. We will be moving the end of this year and it is a move across the ocean with only an airplane to carry what we move. So we need to downsize greatly and prioritize what we want to take.
I will be going through the children’s clothes and getting rid of the stuff that is too small and to ugly to wear anymore.
My List for Today:
Breakfast dishes
Quiet time 
C’s closet
H’s dresser
A’s dresser
Talk to G about leaf pile
Finish wash from yesterday
Water mess

Tomorrow I will be back to talk a little about where I am with memorizing Psalm 119.

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