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Our Lord is so gracious!

Ps. 107:1, 21, 22, & 43- “O, give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever. Oh, that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving and declare his works with rejoicing. Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.”

Our God is so gracious! Again and again through the years I have been impressed how gracious and loving God is toward me when I am failing or falling. When I am not being all the I could be. When I am not being the mother or wife that he wants me to be. When I am not obeying his commands. He is ever gracious in bringing me back to himself, ever gracious and merciful in reminding me where I have failed him.

I had so many plans for this summer. And they were GOOD plans. Plans to spend time with those who mean the most to me. Plans to let people know that I care about them. Plans to show my children more of God’s creation and to do fun stuff with them. Just to have fun with my family. BUT. . . somewhere soon after school left out, those plans went flying out the window. My own stuff got in the way. Things that really have very little meaning in the larger picture of life. Things that won’t matter in 100 years from now. Things. . . things. . . are you noticing a theme or rather a lack of a theme. A theme of THINGS rather than PEOPLE. I was letting the URGENT take precedent over the IMPORTANT. I was allowing life to dictate what I do rather than me direct what, where, how and when. I know there are things that NEED to be done, but I am not talking about those things now. I don’t want to get side tracked talking about how to know when I need to let my house get messy to spend time with the children, etc. I know in my heart I was putting things above my children, and that is where God put his finger the other day.

The finger of God came in the middle of a Monday morning. My children were either doing chores or had finished their morning chores by that time and where just playing. Eliana, my youngest, is 11 months old. She was playing back in the girls’ room with their dishes or so I thought. But I later learned that she had also been in her brother’s room and got into his legos. I was sewing. Eliana had just came out to me by the sewing machine and was there for less than a minute when I looked down at her and realized that she is choking. I quickly reach down and pick up her arms expecting her to spit something out of her mouth immediately. BUT. . . it didn’t happen. I quickly realized she is really in distress. I pick her up and do the hiemlich on her, but nothing happens. I start hitting her on the back. Nothing… her lips are turning blue. . . she gasps. . . I do a finger sweep, but it comes up empty. . .she somehow draws a very small breath. . . her lips return to normal color. . . but she is still fighting for her life. . . I run for the phone. . . carrying her with me. . . in the background I hear an older sibling cry out, “Jesus, save my baby sister”, echoing my own heart. . . I gently shake her, trying to dislodge whatever is in her throat. . . I do another finger sweep. . . Nothing. . . I see her eyes roll. . . I thought “oh no she is losing consciousness”. . .”Lord, show me what to do, save her”. . . desperate prayers. . . I dial 911 and as I was dialing I hear her brother yell, it is something red. Oh, relief. I immediately hang up the phone to retreive the red thing out of her mouth. . . It was a lego. . .She is breathing, struggling to cry. She has phlegm in her throat. The phone rings. . . I thought I can’t talk to anyone right now, but then I thought that it acutally is probably 911 calling back because I had called them and hung up before they answered. Yes, it was them. I was soo thankful that I could tell the operator that my baby is fine. She is crying. . . She is breathing. . . Praise the Lord!!!

I was shaking. . . Eliana still had a gurgle in her throat as she was breathing. She immediately started to fall asleep. She was exhausted from her fight for life. I woke her up, because I wanted that phlegm cleared out before she fell asleep. She cried enough to clear it and then slept. I held her and held her. Her siblings were begging to hold her and love on her. They had all seen it happen and were as terrified as I was. I didn’t want to let go of her. They all kissed her and touched her as she lay sleeping in my arms. We had a praise/worship service right there around the rocking chair.

God brought thoughts to my mind about the important things in my life. What would my regrets be if she or any of my children would die? My most poignant regret would be that I didn’t spend enough time with them. Oh, Lord, all my plans for the summer? Oh, I need to get back on track, incorporate some of those things into our schedule that I wanted to do with my children this summer. Oh, God how gracious you are!! You only gave me a good scare. You didn’t actually take her from me. You are soo good and so kind. Oh, that men would praise the Lord for his loving kindness!! He is good!!! He is kind!!!

Psalm 107 verse 43 says “Whoso is wise. . . will understand the loving kindness of the Lord.” Am I wise? Do I understand the loving kindness of the Lord? I think the Lord is ever loving in showing me his loving kindness. He is so merciful and gracious!! Thank you Lord for your mercy, goodness, graciousness, loving kindnesses!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this reminder in putting my children above the things of this life.

Next post I will share about some of things we have done since that dreadful Monday morning!! We have had some fun! We have done some projects together. And I want to continue making memories together.


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Yellow Patches #15-21

15. That God is teaching me to worship (not easy, but I am still so thankful for it.)

16. My children’s questions (they are opportunities to instill more knowledge about God and his world)

17. The Book “The Hour that Changes the World” by Dick Eastman

18. The rest and peace that God can give in the midst of unrest and turmoil.

19. The Bible and that it never grows old.

20. The song, “O Come let us Worship” (words below)

21. The random “Let’s be friends” heard from one of my children’s mouth throughout the day.


1. O Come, let us worship before our great Lord;

Come kneel down before him in reverence and fear;

With Thanksgiving, praise, and in hearing his Word;

O worship with singing, the Master is here!


2. O come let us honor the great King of kings;

For he is the donor of mercies benign;

O’er all that pertaineth to life, giv’n in him;

In mercy he reigneth , our Sovreign divine!


3. O worship with singing, and glad voices raise;

O glorify! magnify! our God is near;

Draw nigh, bow before him, in reverance him praise!

O come, let us worship, the Saviour is here!

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My Yellow Patches Journal continues:

8. A God who has the ultimate victory

9. An organized, quiet Sunday morning

10. being with my children as they play in the yard

11. Seeing the joy and delight shining out of their eyes

12. Health for myself and family

13. coffee

14. A husband who cares about meeting my needs

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My Yellow Patches

Anne over at Holy Experience has her Gratitude Community and Multitude Mondays. She is one of the many different people and ways that God has used in my life to get me counting the ways that He (GOD) loves me and gives me JOY. I am a negative person. I need to count the ways that JOY enter my life. I need to look for those small things that are God-given. So back in August of 2009 I began my "YELLOW PATCHES Journal. I associate the color YELLOW  with fun, laughter, JOY, bright sunshine, the sun’s ray as it breaks through the clouds. So these numerous blessings, that God showers so graciously upon me, but so often I fail to notice them, are the YELLOW PATCHES in the Quilt of my Life. My goal is to write at least 1 down a day. I have a writing journal that I have started my list in and I will continue to write them down there. Then every Monday, I will transfer my list from the previous week to my blog here.

This is the journal that my list has been started in. I love this journal.

Please come along for the ride. The ride to find JOY in our lives. Join the gratitude community over at Holy Experience or just comment here that you are beginning and where you will keep your list whether it is online (I loved the link) or in a written journal. You will be amazed that the many, many blessings that God showers down upon you that you have never noticed before. I was. God loves me with an abundance.

My online Yellow Patches list begins:

1. fresh, cool breeze

2. clean fresh smelling children

3. seeing dd #1 enjoy her doll that she got for stopping to suck her own thumb.

4. getting an unexpected treat of ice cream at Monaliza with my family

5. husband for putting new felt on the bottom of the dining room chairs

6. hubby for babysitting while I went to Women’s Fellowship

7. Women’s Fellowship was Spirit-filled. A connection that was unifying was so wonderful.

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