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More than a year since I posted. Not good at all. I know what some of my problem is.

Problem #1~I wanted my next post to be pictures of our remodeled house. I will get to that some time.

Problem #2~ I have way to many thoughts rattling around in my brain and I can’t separate them and make concise posts out of each thought. And so I don’t post because my brain is all jumbled.

God is really working our family and church family. We are being stretched and pulled in good ways. I want to “give testimony” to those things soon. I want my blog to be an encouragement to others. I want you to be glad you stopped by.

Problem #3~I am just very  busy. Hopefully the busyness is because I am going about “my Father’s business”. Raising my children, keeping my house, homeschooling, visiting neighbors, taking a car-less friend to her appointment each week. I want God to receive the glory for what I do, because it is only because of his work in my life that I can do these things and feel love in my heart towards the people that I interact with, including my children. I do these things and strive to do them well because of HIM, the one who has given me all these good gifts.

Just an encouragement to stay faithful to what he has called each of you. Remember even if it seems small and insignificant, we cannot see the whole picture of what God is doing. The smile and “how are you” to a person you meet in town, may be a seed, or it may be the water for what someone else planted. Just do the next thing that you know will please God.

I recently saw this quote “Discover what pleases God and then make them habits” WOW!! May all my habits please God and may I make things that please God, habits.


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Here is an article I just couldn’t pass by without linking to it. I was crying till I got done with this list. I soo desire to hear those things that she writes about what she would love to hear instead. Those are sooo true. I have about 6 weeks to go yet and yes, I am just plain miserable. I have had some of these comments said to me and I try to graciously reply, but I cry later because of it. I could add to this list, but maybe later when I am in a better frame of mind.

Edited to add: I really, really wish that I was one of these ladies that love being pregnant. My husband wishes that also, I do believe. But sad to say, I look forward to the end when I find out I am pregnant. 🙂 But I do it for the babies. I LOVE my babies. I CAN NOT WAIT until I can hold and cuddle my little bug.

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My continual goal is to ‘give all diligence’ in whatever I am doing. I want to please the Lord in my daily actions. I want to please him with my speech. I am really struggling today. I always struggle more when I am pregnant, but I don’t want my hormones to be an excuse. I survive with Progesterone cream. 🙂 My life saver every couple of days. 🙂 It really does work!! 

So what am I doing or should be doing to ‘give all diligence’ today? It is Monday, which means extra clean up from the weekend and also my once a week wash day. We had school, a quick run into town. A sick baby and half sick other children. Titus does so good at keeping the children doctored up. Vit C and immune builders given, Vicks rubbed on their chests, Peppermint oil rubbed on chests and feet for congestion and fever. 

I am right now holding Eliana while she sleeps, so that she takes a longer nap. My voice is heard barking out orders to the three older ones as they do chores, such as folding wash, sweep floor, clear off a table that is right inside our door and is such a collection point. They still find it very difficult to talk and keep working at the same time.   

So number 1  on my list of giving all diligence is keep my voice sweet as I “bark” orders, mostly my orders are consisting of “get back to work”. 

Number 2 don’t give in to the desire to vegetate. Usually when I am struggling with feeling down/depressed/overwhelmed, I want to vegetate, read a light fiction or get online, wether reading blogs or Pinterest or Facebook. 

Things I have done: Cleaned out the kettle cupboard and put liner in it, with the help of my daughter. Kept wash going. Did school. Held and rocked away with my baby because she needs lots of holding and rocking right now. 

Now it is time to be working on Supper. Oh what to make?

Prayer requests: Work for Titus. He has worked about 2 days in the last 2 weeks and this week doesn’t look any better. His boss keeps saying work picks up right before Christmas, so we keep waiting and hoping. 

Health for everyone in this house. Thankfully neither Titus nor I have gotten it. 

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It is time that I get that last post off the top. 🙂 A post that is really negative, when I really have so many GOOD things happening in my life. God’s goodness is amazing! I feel blessed to have a chance to carry another little life. Everytime I feel this little one move, I am thankful! Ok, so yeah, waves of the feelings of my last post do still come and stay for a few days and then leave again and I once again feel soo blessed. God is good. He is teaching me to look for the good and not dwell on the negatives. I think I must be a pessimist by nature. It is so much easier to see the negative, but by God’s grace, I will look for the good and feel blessed. 

Here are a few good things in my life the past few weeks!!

 My daughters and I. This was taken back in August.


Eliana is a big girl. No more baby swing for her. Image

Two Sunday evenings ago, we had a church hot dog roast at our place. We had a big pile of wood that needed to be burnt. Here is the beginnings  of the fire. Image

Each Saturday, I try to spend some time outside, cleaning up or working in flowerbeds or garden. Here the children are carrying  firewood to  the porch for our fireplace. ImageImage

This past Sunday evening, we went for a drive to see the beautiful fall leaf colors. They are not as gorgeous as Pennsylvania’s, but after living in Texas, these are mighty beautiful!ImageImageImage

My daughter sleeping with her two babies. I had gone back to wake her up and couldn’t resist a photo. Image

This is her waking up. She rolled to her back and instinctively put her arms around both babies. Image

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My first post to try to post pictures in my new blog format. So I am hoping that it works!!

I have been wanting a cast iron skillet for a long time, but just couldn’t find any nice ones for a cheap enough price. When I did find a cheap one, it was way to ugly and gunky and whatever else that makes them sell cheap. But then came Pinterest. . . awe. . . you can re-condition and re-season them! You can clean all that gunk and ugly stuff off! Seriously?

Well I was just a little skeptical, but I decided if I found one for the right price I would try it. Finally the other week I was at an Estate Sale and it was the final day and they had all the items marked 50% off. They had a cast iron pan in horrible condition marked for $10. Well everything was 50% off, so it was $5. I decided now is my time to try it. I bought it and brought it home. My husband took one look at it and say it is worthless. He did not believe that I could do anything to save that skillet. I found the pin on Pinterest and set out to clean it. I coated it with oven cleaner, put it in a garbage bag and left it sit for a couple of days. Got it out sprayed it with water and scrubbed. I was AMAZED!!! First of all, the grime was thick! 2nd the grime was actually coming off! I sprayed again and waited a couple of days, scrubbed and resprayed and waited, probably about 4 times, till all the grime was off. After I was satisfied it was all off, I soaked it in 2:1 ratio of water and vinegar to neutralize something (the pin explains all the techincal stuff) about the oven cleaner. After it was finished soaking it got scrubbed with steel wool. Lots of gross stuff still came off with that scrubbing. After the steel wool did it’s job, then came the re-seasoning. Heat it in the oven and give it several coats of Crisco or olive oil or lard. I believe I can fry is the blog  that gave me full instructions on how to re-condition and re-season my cast iron pan.

Here is the pan after one coat of oven cleaner!


This is after a few more coats of oven cleaner


This is after I was satisfied that it was clean and had all the prior seasonings off. It was still a dark color! Image

 This after the vinear and water soak and then the steel wool treatment.


And HERE is my completely re-seasoned cast iron skillet!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!! It turned a slightly brown color when it was re-seasoned. My skeptical husband has turned believer. I do believe that I will now be able to buy any cast iron skillet I want. 🙂 It is beautiful, right? You agree, right??Image

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I have so many posts swirling around in my head. Many are sentence thoughts at this point. Oh, i would love to blog about that or this or THIS!! Now I just need to get that sentence thought into a couple paragraphs of thought. 

My days fill up so fast.

1. I have made my own body wash recently. I tried 2 different recipes. The first recipe, I probably won’t share because I don’t like it. It has left my skin feeling somewhat dry after a shower. The 2nd recipe, I haven’t tried yet. It is still sitting in the bottle waiting to be tried. I am excited about this one, because it has the inclusion of coconut oil in it. 

2. I have stopped using shampoo for my hair. For the wash I use a mixture of water and baking soda. Yes just 2 ingredients. For the rinse I have a mixture of vinegar, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and water. The recipe calls for honey, but I am just a little scared to put honey on my hair. I am worried that my hair will be too greasy! I am still trying to decide if I like this way of washing my hair. 

3. I have also been making my own baby wipes. I LOVE, LOVE them. They feels so clean and pure. I am not putting chemicals on my baby’s bum. My husband even likes the feel of them. But there are a few downsides, 1. they don’t easily pull apart like store wipes. 2. they will turn rancid so it is important to only make about a week’s worth at a time. 

4. I am also making some of my own cleaning products. Jury is still out on these also. Do I like my own toilet bowel cleaner. Still wanting to try a homemade bathroom cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner and a kitchen stain remover. 

5. I am sewing for someone else. I enjoy sewing WHEN it goes well. 

6. I am sewing sheet sets for my girls beds. They have custom sized bunk beds. The real downside of this is that no sheets fit right. Since we got them 7 months ago, the girls have just been using regular size twin sheets and putting the extra underneath the mattress. I am trying to downsize a few of the sheets to fit. I am still working on the first set. So jury is still out whether I am capable of doing that also. 

7. I have so many dreams of things that I want to do. Dreams, dreams, dreams at this point. My children and their schooling comes first at this point yet. I homeschool and love it. But it is something that takes a lot of time. My husband talks with someone that is passionate about education. And this friend is very concerned that homeschooled children get a good education. He finds it hard to understand how a mother can homeschool effectively and give her children the education that they deserve, plus do all the chores that need to be done to run a house effectively. For me I want to take this as a challenge and give my children an education that will prepare them for life and that will give them all the tools they need to effectively handle like. So because of the stage of life that I am in right now, those dreams are on hold. I am loving my summer vacation right now from school, but I also have already gotten most everything around for school in August and I am getting very excited about starting 2nd grade with my 2 oldest and pre-k with my 3rd child. She is actually at the moment standing bedside my chair begging me to teach her to read. So I just promised her that I would start teaching her to read in the fall. So something else to think about. How do I start to teach a 4 year old how to read. 🙂 I love the adventure. 

Hopefully more will be coming soon. . . 

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Listening to watchmanscry.com.

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