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They arrived. Well, some of them. We are getting company for the next week and a half. 1 family and 2 men. 1 man is into education and he will be holding teacher training seminars for our native teachers here at the mission school. The other 2 men are board members for the mission.

So what does this mean? More work and stress for myself and my husband. So please pray that we can still be civil to each other during this week. We tend to get short with each other and our children when we are stressed. I want for me this week to be especially kind and helpful to my husband. He has not only all of his regular work to do, plus meeting after meeting with the board. I want to help lift the load from his shoulders by provided well for our guests in the way of meals and a clean house, clean clothes, etc. What ever they need to make their time more enjoyable. And be cheeful in doing all of it. These are guests that we know and are aquainted with, but not good, good friends.

Please pray that I can be the joyful wife and mother that my husband loves and that our marriage can grow through it all. 🙂


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