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My Children’s “Thomaston grandma” or “Mimi” as she would like to be called. She comes every Wednesday afternoon at 3 to read to my children for 30-45 minutes or do special projects that she wants to do with them. They love it and always look forward to Wednesday afternoons. Here she is making Thanksgiving cookies with them. Image

A few cresant rolls raising before the fire for our Thanksgiving lunch with Gary’s. Before Thanksgiving Day we had already had 2 thanksgiving meals, so we didn’t go “all out” on Thanksgiving day, although we did have another wonderful meal. Titus spent the morning helping Gary do some remodeling at their deli and then we ladies took lunch over for them. I took the cresant rolls, candied carrots, and baked corn. Laura and her girls provided the all the other yummy food.



Over Thansgiving week vacation from school, my 2 oldest 8 and almost 7 were introduced to “The Farming Game” and played it for many hours. My son especially thrived on figuring out the money. Cassandra and Andre’ are in the same grade level in school. I never really thought about it that Andre’ was a wiz at math in his school work, but WOW did he ever get a hang of figuring out all the money figures in this game. He learned how to double his hay harvest or cut it in half. He was wiz. It made me happy, happy, happy. Image

We have all those happy memories of a very low key Thanksgiving vacation.

THEN: Life hits with a bang through out the night last night and this morning. One of my children complained of a sore throat and by this morning ALL 4 of them have a BAD cough deep in their chests. Hadassah has a fever to go with it. She has occupied the couch all day long so far. I had the three oldest sit under a tent with the warm mist vaporizer with vicks. Thanks, Maria. I have used that so many times already since you gave it to me. 

Eliana, my dear sweet 16.5 month old has become a terror. Ok, I never did like the saying the “Terrible Twos”. I have always thought that my 2 year olds are soo sweet. They have such cute words and behaviors. They make everyone around them laugh. BUT. . . from about 14 months – 20 or 22 month old are my dear little ones “Terrible Twos”. They are literally in to EVERY thing. They are still learning what “no” and “come” mean and what obedience is all about. She is still the sweetest thing, but her little fingers are everywhere and into every cupboard, especially those that contain many little pieces. So this morning that was extra busy with sick little ones, plus spending extra time with Cassandra and Andre’ to get them to memorize their addition and subtraction facts, my little one was everywhere. She was happy, but wow what a mess. Enjoy the mess. 🙂 What you can not see, but is there is a big puddle of water between the cup and rag and cracker crumbs all over the floor. That water mess was the third I had to clean up this morning. Dominoes are her newest favorite toy to carry with her everywhere she goes. I am finding dominoes in every room of the house. Oh, yeah another thing she was found doing this morning is stirring tissue around in the toilet with her daddy’s razor.


Learning to find JOY and to THRIVE even in the midst of these times is an on going process. Thanks so much for a friend that babysat for us last evening, Titus and I were able to go on a date. I feel rejuvenated to keep going. To keep loving my children, to keep thriving right where God has me planted. My prayer is that I can give and give and give some more to my children. To teach and train in the midst of life, to give them the best that I can, and  To NEVER GIVE UP, no matter how weary I get.


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School is just around the corner. We are planning on starting August 19, which is next Monday. My children are excited. I am apprehensive. I do not feel organized enough. I feel like I am barely keeping up with the work that is on my plate now and what will happen when I add school. And my 1 year old has been extremely fussy and clingy lately. Hopefully that will soon resolve because I noticed one of her molars is through. So hoping. . .

Things that need to happen before school starts on Monday: a daily/weekly schedule made for the school days, chores need to be re-worked to fit into a school day (i.e. which chores need to be done before the school day begins, which chores will be done afterwards and which chores will be dropped from their lists), would love to make menus, more charts, timelines, maps, need to be hung on the walls, school book shelves need to be organized, a list of things made that I can grab to keep baby dear happy for a while, and on and on and on. But by God’s grace, I can do it. He has called and he will enable. THAT is what I am clinging to.

Curriculum is soo much fun. I love looking at curriculum and choosing what will best suit our needs. I am excited about our choices for this year, especially our history.

Bible & Bible Memory: Not entirely decided yet. I have a few ideas, but I don’t have a curriculum per se.
Math: Math-U-see Beta
Reading, phonics, spelling: Eastern Mennonite Publications 2nd grade reading
History: Faith Builder’s Living History Threads level 12
Science: Sonlight Science from Core B
Music: not entirely decided. Cassandra is taking Piano lessons, but I want to give them all an introduction to music
Art: Artpac 1 from Christian Light Publications

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School Schedule

Here is our daily school schedule along with daily activities:

7:00 ~ breakfast

7:30 ~ chores for the 2 older ones and I spend one-on-one time with the 3 year old “doing school”

8:00 ~ quiet/devotional time

8:30 ~Bible & Memorization

9:00 ~ Math

9:30 ~ History

10:00 ~ Exercise & Fitness

10:30 ~ Read-Alouds

11:00 ~ All things reading, spelling, phonics, etc

11:30 ~ I prepare lunch and the little ones have free time or finish up any school they still have to do.

12:00 ~ Lunch

1230 ~ Naps, rest time

1:30 ~ Science

4:00 ~ Supper prep

5:30 ~ Supper

6:00 ~ Supper clean up

7:30 ~ Family devotions

8:00 ~ Little ones Bedtime


That is my rough schedule. There are some quirks and rough spots yet. Like I am finding out that it takes more than 1 hour to eat breakfast and do chores. It is taking roughly 1 & 1/2 hours. So we are usully starting quiet time around 8:30. We are able to make up the time later in the day, because a lot of the subjects don’t take a half hour to accomplish. Also with a baby no one really knows what a day may bring forth. 🙂

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School happenings

Here are a few pictures from our lives recently. We recently set up a “schoolroom”. I wanted a wall area to put some things up, so we made a space for it. I have 2 “1st graders”. This is actually our third year of homeschooling though.

Our curriculum this year is Math-U-See Alpha for Math, Reading is Eastern Mennonite Publications Learning to read program, Then we are using Sonlight for our history, science, and read-alouds. Our living books come from Sonlight. We really like their program. Cassandra will be 7 next month and Andre’ who is just 15 months younger than his sister are both doing the same work. Andre’ is doing very well at keeping up.

Hadassah is our preschooler and is 3 years old. She loves all things feminine. She loves to “do school” also.                                                                                        

Eliana is 2 months old. Our schedule revolves around her. She has brought incredible joy but has also brought some chaos into the family. Hopefully we will soon be able to sort her schedule out, so that I am again dictating that schedule instead of her.

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On Monday, Aug. 8, 2011 we are starting our first full year of homeschool. My children are 5, 4, and 2 year old. I am putting the 5 & 4 year old together in one grade. We are using Sonlight’s curriculum and using Core A which is Kindergarten level. I am surprised how much they teach in Kindergarten. They are learning at the level I did in 1st grade. I am excited about teaching my children, but I know it will also be a BIG challenge. The biggest challenge for me that I foresee is scheduling and stick-to-it attitude. If I am scheduled life is much easier for me to handle. So my schedule is what I have been working on the last while. Planning how our morning will look and what all needs to happen in one day.  I am going to post my daily schedule here. I am not determined to make it work at all cost, but will readjust as I see that it needs to be.

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