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Sick Days

WE have been battling the sickness, colds, congestion, runny noses, goopy eyes, ear infections and more since Christmas. And this mommy is sick and tired of it all.

Last week I took my 8 month old to the doctor because she was soo fussy and pulling at her ears. So what did they do, but the normal, put her on antibiotics for an ear infection. But now her cold is sooo much worse. Yes, I think the antibiotics wore down her natural immune system and so her body can’t fight her cold as well.

Vit C, Elderberry, Garlic, Echinaicea, Silver Sheild and even VS-C. Which shall I use? I want to use 2 or 3 consisitently till this sickness is GONE. What have you found to be the MOST effective?


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