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My heart and spirit are so heavy this morning. So, so many needs, so many hurting people. A young girl is hurting, a barren woman is crying because she lost her 5th or was it the 7th baby she has conceived, (she has lost track because it hurts too much to keep track,) a husband’s heart aching for his unfaithful wife, a father and mother crying for their daughter who has chosen the world over God, a wife who just found out her husband had an affair, a small child crying and hurting because his mom hit him in anger. People crying for someone to care and to point them to the truth and to God. Someone to pray with them and for them. Do you know these people? I do. How can I show I care? How do I offer Christ? I, who is blessed beyond measure? I, who has 3 beautiful children? I who has a faithful, caring husband? Am I even trying? Or am I scared to get my neat life messy? Am I willing to go the extra mile that these people need. Am I willing to sit up with them late at night when I would rather be in bed? Am I willing cry and pour out my heart to God for them in my own closet, on my own time? Am I willing to spend time with the young girl, so she feels safe to confide in me?  Am I willing to show them Christ?

Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, live in me,  guide me, direct me, work through me. Show me how to care. Show me what it looks like to care. Show me how you would do it. Thank you!


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