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More than a year since I posted. Not good at all. I know what some of my problem is.

Problem #1~I wanted my next post to be pictures of our remodeled house. I will get to that some time.

Problem #2~ I have way to many thoughts rattling around in my brain and I can’t separate them and make concise posts out of each thought. And so I don’t post because my brain is all jumbled.

God is really working our family and church family. We are being stretched and pulled in good ways. I want to “give testimony” to those things soon. I want my blog to be an encouragement to others. I want you to be glad you stopped by.

Problem #3~I am just very ¬†busy. Hopefully the busyness is because I am going about “my Father’s business”. Raising my children, keeping my house, homeschooling, visiting neighbors, taking a car-less friend to her appointment each week. I want God to receive the glory for what I do, because it is only because of his work in my life that I can do these things and feel love in my heart towards the people that I interact with, including my children. I do these things and strive to do them well because of HIM, the one who has given me all these good gifts.

Just an encouragement to stay faithful to what he has called each of you. Remember even if it seems small and insignificant, we cannot see the whole picture of what God is doing. The smile and “how are you” to a person you meet in town, may be a seed, or it may be the water for what someone else planted. Just do the next thing that you know will please God.

I recently saw this quote “Discover what pleases God and then make them habits” WOW!! May all my habits please God and may I make things that please God, habits.


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