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A year ago over New Year’s Day 2013, we were in Georgia discussing the possibilities of moving here. We had decided that we would move unless something major came up during that visit that would be God’s way of telling us to not move. We went around with a realtor and looked at a couple of houses. Many we liked, but were either out of our price range or the location wasn’t ideal or just something didn’t feel right. We left Georgia and went home to Texas with the decision made that we would move ahead with the plans to move and that we would like to move in either March or April. We kept looking online for places to buy. The Kauffman family looked at a few houses for us. But nothing felt right. Finally the end of February, beginning of March we decided to just look for places to rent and then we could move and continue searching for a place to buy after we arrive in the area. Our realtor was a great help in knowing what was for rent and the Kauffmans were great in going to look at these places. One day mid March, we found a beautiful place that was for sale, but the owners were willing to rent it. 2 weeks later we arrived in Georgia with all of our earthly possessions. Since that time we have been enjoying the area, the church and feel blessed to the way God has been leading us. But. . . there was always in the back of our minds that we wanted to buy. We kept looking online and driving around the area. We would occasionally go look at places. We made several offers that were rejected. I was amazed at the peace and calm I felt during the whole process. My thoughts were that God has a place in mind for us and we do not need to stress about trying to get a particular place or getting our dream house, because God is in control. FINALLY on January 2, 2014 we made on offer on a place,  a couple of hours later they came back with a counter offer and we accepted. WE WERE BUYING!!! On January 15, 2014 we had closing on a house/mobile home and 4.25 acres. WE ARE HOME OWNERS!  almost exactly a year after we started looking. 

The place really has no curb appeal at all!!! It is a very blaah looking place. No shrubs or flower beds, the lane is rough and on a slope.The place smelled very badly of dogs. When we had the priviledge of showing the house to friends we had one young person who stood at the door and covered their nose  and wouldn’t advance farther into the house. Yes, it was bad. It almost stung the nose. We immediately started tearing out carpets and and all floor coverings. We took a couple of small walls out. 

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This is the front of the house.



And this is the back. The first deck goes into the back entrance/laundry room. The far deck is off the diningroom area.


This is the living room area right inside the front door.The floor was dark green carpet but stained a brown, most likely from the red dirt, but the look combined with the smell of dogs, one could easily imagine that wasn’t a dirt stain, but something far worse. 🙂


Now we are standing in the living room area and looking into the kitchen. To the right is the back entrance and laundry area. To the left is the dining room or a 2nd living room. And yes the house was not cleaned out by the former owners. We are the ones that finished boxing everything up and moving it out to the shed so that she could come pick it up and we could start working on remodeling.


Now we are standing in the kitchen area looking towards the dining room/2nd living room area. On the 2 sides are short little walls that divide the kitchen from the dining room, we have removed them to open up the place a bit. It actually is a very big area and I love the open feel of it. Farther back the hall are the children’s bedrooms, a bathroom and an office. We have 4 bedrooms/2 baths and an office. I feel very fortunate to get such a big house that was within our budget. I really didn’t want to do with less than a 4 bedroom because our family is still growing, but I also knew it was a real possibility.


Here we are standing in the master bedroom and looking out into the living room. The kitchen would be immediately to your right as you exit the master bedroom. The house is a split plan, so the master bedroom is on the opposite end of the house from the other bedrooms.


Our children were thrilled with all the junk that was laying outside around the place. They immediately started digging through it and finding “treasures”. They also found a “house’ for them. All their treasures went into the house and they have set up house keeping. Here they are in their house. Their treasures include a coffee pot, a toaster oven, chairs, tables, various spoons, pans, a serving bowl,  a radio, a phone, various containers of all sorts and sizes.

133Here is where their house really is. Yes underneath the shed. This picture really makes it look unsafe. From this picture I don’t think I would allow my children to play underneath here, but my husband assures me that it is safe and it does feel safe when you see it in real life.


We had a work day one Saturday and it was a cold day. Here Eliana is enjoying a hot drink. Later I will try to post more pictures of the progress. We are hoping to move the middle to end of February, so that we can be half way settled by the time our baby makes his/her debut around the 10th of March.  But that is a lot of pressure that Titus feels. So I continually tell myself that it is ok if we don’t get moved before hand. I really feel pretty confident that we will. I am enjoying picking out paint colors. We will probably just paint the children’s bedrooms and their bathroom at this time. Later on we want to repaint everything, but right now we are just doing the necessary things to get moved in.



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Here is an article I just couldn’t pass by without linking to it. I was crying till I got done with this list. I soo desire to hear those things that she writes about what she would love to hear instead. Those are sooo true. I have about 6 weeks to go yet and yes, I am just plain miserable. I have had some of these comments said to me and I try to graciously reply, but I cry later because of it. I could add to this list, but maybe later when I am in a better frame of mind.

Edited to add: I really, really wish that I was one of these ladies that love being pregnant. My husband wishes that also, I do believe. But sad to say, I look forward to the end when I find out I am pregnant. 🙂 But I do it for the babies. I LOVE my babies. I CAN NOT WAIT until I can hold and cuddle my little bug.

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