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It is time that I get that last post off the top. ūüôā A post that is really negative, when I really have so many GOOD things happening in my life. God’s goodness is amazing! I feel blessed to have a chance to carry another little life. Everytime I feel this little one move, I am thankful! Ok, so yeah, waves of the feelings of my last post do still come and stay for a few days and then leave again and I once again feel soo blessed. God is good. He is teaching me to look for the good and not dwell on the negatives. I think I must be a pessimist by nature. It is so much easier to see the negative, but by God’s grace, I will look for the good and feel blessed.¬†

Here are a few good things in my life the past few weeks!!

 My daughters and I. This was taken back in August.


Eliana is a big girl. No more baby swing for her. Image

Two Sunday evenings ago, we had a church hot dog roast at our place. We had a big pile of wood that needed to be burnt. Here is the beginnings  of the fire. Image

Each Saturday, I try to spend some time outside, cleaning up or working in flowerbeds or garden. Here the children are carrying  firewood to  the porch for our fireplace. ImageImage

This past Sunday evening, we went for a drive to see the beautiful fall leaf colors. They are not as gorgeous as Pennsylvania’s, but after living in Texas, these are mighty beautiful!ImageImageImage

My daughter sleeping with her two babies. I had gone back to wake her up and couldn’t resist a photo.¬†Image

This is her waking up. She rolled to her back and instinctively put her arms around both babies. Image


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