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School is just around the corner. We are planning on starting August 19, which is next Monday. My children are excited. I am apprehensive. I do not feel organized enough. I feel like I am barely keeping up with the work that is on my plate now and what will happen when I add school. And my 1 year old has been extremely fussy and clingy lately. Hopefully that will soon resolve because I noticed one of her molars is through. So hoping. . .

Things that need to happen before school starts on Monday: a daily/weekly schedule made for the school days, chores need to be re-worked to fit into a school day (i.e. which chores need to be done before the school day begins, which chores will be done afterwards and which chores will be dropped from their lists), would love to make menus, more charts, timelines, maps, need to be hung on the walls, school book shelves need to be organized, a list of things made that I can grab to keep baby dear happy for a while, and on and on and on. But by God’s grace, I can do it. He has called and he will enable. THAT is what I am clinging to.

Curriculum is soo much fun. I love looking at curriculum and choosing what will best suit our needs. I am excited about our choices for this year, especially our history.

Bible & Bible Memory: Not entirely decided yet. I have a few ideas, but I don’t have a curriculum per se.
Math: Math-U-see Beta
Reading, phonics, spelling: Eastern Mennonite Publications 2nd grade reading
History: Faith Builder’s Living History Threads level 12
Science: Sonlight Science from Core B
Music: not entirely decided. Cassandra is taking Piano lessons, but I want to give them all an introduction to music
Art: Artpac 1 from Christian Light Publications


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