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We have some fun filled times in the last few weeks. Because of Eliana’s close call with choking on a lego, I have:

1. Called and signed up Titus and I for a Basic First Aid and CPR class. Titus has never taken a class before and I took one 10 years ago, so I really need to brush up again. 

2. Stopped to laugh with my children.

3. Gone geocaching with my children

4. Initiated “fun project time” in the afternoon

5. Started my children on some string art, the “project” we are dong right now in number 4.

6. Took time to enjoy my children playing in the sprinkler and in their “swimming pools” aka tubs.

7. OK and yes I also Panic every time I see Eliana with something in her mouth. She is a fast moving vacuum cleaner. 

8. We also took a trip to PA last weekend and on the way home we took the time to go a “beach”, it was really just along a river and also went to George Washington’s Birth Place National Monument. They had a farm set up with gardens and animals like back in the day of George Washington. Also you could go into some of the buildings (kitchen and blacksmith shop) and see the tools that they would have worked with. (no pictures)


Andre’s lego city!ImageShe’s WALKING. Her looks are changing. SHE is changing from a baby to a toddler before my very eyes. She is soo cute. ImageImage

The string art the children are working on. Cassandra’s will be a 3 leaf clover when she is finished. I think it will be beautiful when she is finished. Andre’s is a very intricate and complicated. Thankfully Hadassah picked a fairly easy design because it was still much complicated for her to do on her own. 🙂 ImageImage


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