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Why is it difficult to continue growing and maturing in the things and ways of the Lord, when there is no difficulty or trial in your life? This is a question that I am asking myself and have been pondering for a while. Why do I find it difficult to love my times with the Lord and to get excited about reading His word, when my life is going well?

I am troubled by this lack of enthusiasm. I have been praying about it for a while now. That God would give me a heart and a passion for Him and His Word again. I don’t like feeling passionless. I want a heart that is on fire and hot for God. I want a heart that is longing to reach the unsaved around me with His gospel. I want a heart that hurts and cries out to God when I think of the many that are not saved and on their way to hell. I want a passion to teach my children about the things of God. I want a passion to be the best mother that I can be, but without a deep passionate relationship with God, I can not be on fire for the lost or even my own children.

Where do you begin to read when you feel passionless and want more fire and passion for God? I want to give all diligence to this area of my life. I don’t the fire to go out or even be lukewarm. God would rather have us be COLD than LUKEWARM. We will be SPEWED out of his mouth if we are lukewarm. I see soo many lukewarm Christians/people around me today. I long for more and deeper relationship with God.

I find that lukewarmness affects every area of my life. If I am lukewarm in my relationship with God, I will only half-heartedly serve my husband and children. I only half-heartedly teach my children, half-heartedly do my housework,etc. A deep love relationship with God is VITAL to EVERY area of my life.


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School Schedule

Here is our daily school schedule along with daily activities:

7:00 ~ breakfast

7:30 ~ chores for the 2 older ones and I spend one-on-one time with the 3 year old “doing school”

8:00 ~ quiet/devotional time

8:30 ~Bible & Memorization

9:00 ~ Math

9:30 ~ History

10:00 ~ Exercise & Fitness

10:30 ~ Read-Alouds

11:00 ~ All things reading, spelling, phonics, etc

11:30 ~ I prepare lunch and the little ones have free time or finish up any school they still have to do.

12:00 ~ Lunch

1230 ~ Naps, rest time

1:30 ~ Science

4:00 ~ Supper prep

5:30 ~ Supper

6:00 ~ Supper clean up

7:30 ~ Family devotions

8:00 ~ Little ones Bedtime


That is my rough schedule. There are some quirks and rough spots yet. Like I am finding out that it takes more than 1 hour to eat breakfast and do chores. It is taking roughly 1 & 1/2 hours. So we are usully starting quiet time around 8:30. We are able to make up the time later in the day, because a lot of the subjects don’t take a half hour to accomplish. Also with a baby no one really knows what a day may bring forth. 🙂

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School happenings

Here are a few pictures from our lives recently. We recently set up a “schoolroom”. I wanted a wall area to put some things up, so we made a space for it. I have 2 “1st graders”. This is actually our third year of homeschooling though.

Our curriculum this year is Math-U-See Alpha for Math, Reading is Eastern Mennonite Publications Learning to read program, Then we are using Sonlight for our history, science, and read-alouds. Our living books come from Sonlight. We really like their program. Cassandra will be 7 next month and Andre’ who is just 15 months younger than his sister are both doing the same work. Andre’ is doing very well at keeping up.

Hadassah is our preschooler and is 3 years old. She loves all things feminine. She loves to “do school” also.                                                                                        

Eliana is 2 months old. Our schedule revolves around her. She has brought incredible joy but has also brought some chaos into the family. Hopefully we will soon be able to sort her schedule out, so that I am again dictating that schedule instead of her.

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