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Christianaudio.com has a free download every month. This month is Hannah Coulter. I have never read it, but I have heard that it is one of the best works of fiction.


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On Monday, Aug. 8, 2011 we are starting our first full year of homeschool. My children are 5, 4, and 2 year old. I am putting the 5 & 4 year old together in one grade. We are using Sonlight’s curriculum and using Core A which is Kindergarten level. I am surprised how much they teach in Kindergarten. They are learning at the level I did in 1st grade. I am excited about teaching my children, but I know it will also be a BIG challenge. The biggest challenge for me that I foresee is scheduling and stick-to-it attitude. If I am scheduled life is much easier for me to handle. So my schedule is what I have been working on the last while. Planning how our morning will look and what all needs to happen in one day.  I am going to post my daily schedule here. I am not determined to make it work at all cost, but will readjust as I see that it needs to be.

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