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They arrived. Well, some of them. We are getting company for the next week and a half. 1 family and 2 men. 1 man is into education and he will be holding teacher training seminars for our native teachers here at the mission school. The other 2 men are board members for the mission.

So what does this mean? More work and stress for myself and my husband. So please pray that we can still be civil to each other during this week. We tend to get short with each other and our children when we are stressed. I want for me this week to be especially kind and helpful to my husband. He has not only all of his regular work to do, plus meeting after meeting with the board. I want to help lift the load from his shoulders by provided well for our guests in the way of meals and a clean house, clean clothes, etc. What ever they need to make their time more enjoyable. And be cheeful in doing all of it. These are guests that we know and are aquainted with, but not good, good friends.

Please pray that I can be the joyful wife and mother that my husband loves and that our marriage can grow through it all. 🙂


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What can I say? Except that I have been terribly lax with the Psalm 119 Challenge. Not only with updating on Thursdays, but also with the memorizing part. A very wonderful, inspiring blogger over at Ordinary Inspirations has started this challenge. The Challenge to memorize the entire Psalm 119. Please join us. I think we all could use some more encouragement and new inspiration. Well, at least I could. Pray for us as we endeavor to not give up but to give all diligence to completeing the task. But like Traci over at Ordinary Inspirations said just yesterday in regards to memorizing Psalm 119, "It is not about the Duty". And that is soo true. I don’t want this just to be a duty that needs to be completed. But a wonderful time of inspiration and a time of drawing close God.

Here is what I am doing to help myself memorize.

1. I am printing it out and hanging it above my kitchen sink. (But that is not a cure-all. I need to remember to look at and say it over and over again as I am washing dishes. So often I can do all the dishes and never even think about it although they are hanging right in front of me at eye level.)

2. I am/was writing them down. (I have a notebook that I was writing them in every morning. That helped tremendously. But it takes soo much time even to write out 8 verses, so I quite. But I really must make myself resume that, because it was the BIGGEST help.)

3. I am just beginning to try the little trick of having just the first letter in front of me and saying them that way. Just by seeing the first letter of each word. (I don’t know if this will help yet or not.)  

This is what the verses look like with only the first letter in each word.

I do have the first 8 verses memorized, and about the first 3 in the second set of 8. My goal is to have the first 16 verses memorized by next Thursday. See you then.

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With a cup of cappuccino in hand and the baby sleeping, now is a wonderful time to sit down and update once again. It has been a while. Christmas break was full, but very fun and a wonderful time.

I am one that likes to make goals at the beginning of the new year. Shocker!! Right!! Doesn’t almost everyone? But this year, I just wasn’t getting around to doing it right away. But this past Saturday, I finally had the chance. Once a month, my husband, wonderful man that he is, will keep the children for the morning while I have a quiet morning. I normally take my Bible, my journal, pen, highlighters, a good book, and my planner and squirrel away in my bedroom for the morning. I LOVE those mornings. It is a time of reflection, a time of just being quiet before God, and listening for his still, quiet voice. A time of uninterrupted reading of his word. A time of planning out the next month and setting goals. Like I said I LOVE those mornings. They fly by way to fast. This time I thought about what this new year may hold. I planned out some goals for the new year and so now I once again have something to work towards. I am one to usually set my goals high. I know that I won’t reach all of them. I know that I will slip, fall, and fail at times. But my goal for those times is to get back up and try again. If I don’t set high goals, I won’t reach high. I won’t be stretched to grow. I will sit and make a rut, which will be hard to get out of. I would like to share my goals with you. That will help me be kept accountable.

I have heard that it is best to write your goals in a positive weigh. Such as "I enjoy exercizing 30 minutes a day" instead of just "Exercize 30 minutes a day". And I have found that it does help me. I feel positive and like I can really do this when I read down over my goals. If I enjoy something, I will make a point to do it. (By-the-way I actually "HATE" exerciszing till I actually get started doing it and do it for several days and then start to feel better, then I can start to half enjoy it. 🙂 So I tried to write them out in a positive way, to encourage myself to do them.

I know that this list is not extensive. It will get things added to it as I spend more time thinking about the year.

1. I weigh 145 lbs~June 1, 2009.

2. I weigh 130 lbs~December 31, 2009. (unless pregnancy happens) 🙂 Which does seem to happen unexpectedly at times in this household.

3. I enjoy exerciszing 30 minutes a day.

4. I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables/healthy foods.

5. I do not bite my nails. (I am almost too embarrassed to add this one, but I am determined to finally kick this one. I have been trying ever since I was preteen.

6. I am a joyful person. I always look for the good in a situation/person.

7. I always speak softly to my husband and children. 🙂 remember these are goals written in a positive way.

8. I always do my housework before hobbies.

9. I update my Xanga site once a week.

10. I blog here once a week.

11. I update Facebook once a day.

12. I enjoy memorizing Psalm 119.

This is what I had written down on and then I went before the Lord in prayer. I laid this before me as I knelt and said "Lord, this is what I have planned for this year. What do I need to add or take away. What do You want me to focus on this year?" I should have asked that BEFORE I began making plans. When I knelt before the Lord, it immediately felt like I had made my plans for the year and I came before God to have him bless them, instead of coming to him first. Well, as I prayed over this list, I was impressed to read The Sermon on the Mount which is found in Matthew 5, 6, & 7. So I began reading and three verses stood out to me to add to my list. Here are the verses and they have become my goals also.

13.  Matthew 5:6 "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness. for they shall be filled." I want to hunger and thirst for God this year more than ever before.

14. Matthew 5:48 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." WHAT!!! God, you know I can’t be perfect as you are?" The answer came back, But you can STRIVE to be. In everything you do and in every relationship that you have, you can STRIVE to be perfect, to do and respond as I would."

15. Matthew 7: 12 "Therfore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." Oh, yes, relationships. How hard they can be. I am at this moment struggling in one of my relationships. God is asking me to love this person as I desire them to love me. So help me God, I will love all people as I would want them to love me.

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