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Memorizing Psalm 119 is a challenge!!

Challenge ~ something needs to be done, but it will not be easy. It will take hard work, perseverance, diligence to complete. (my own definition)

And I need to keep reminding myself that this is a "Challenge". It will not come easily. I want to do it. I want to complete it well. So I WILL keep persevering.

The first week, I read over the first 8 verses over and over again. I could not make anything stick. I read the 1st verse over and over again and it would NOT stick. It was beginning to feel like Satan was blocking my mind from memorizing. I could NOT memorize even the first verse or two for anything. I ask my husband for some suggestions on what I should do. He suggested writing it out every day. So I began writing out the 8 verses everyday and I finally got it. I am ready to go on to the 2nd set of 8 verses. But I will continue to write out the first 8 verses or I will lose them in the meantime.

I am still thrilled to be doing this "Challenge". I believe that it will strengthen me as I take the time to memorize it. Come join the challenge. Stop by and let me know you did. You will be strengthened and encouraged.

Here are a few thoughts on Psalm 119:1-8

Verses 1, 2, & 3 are the authors reflections on the life of a person who is striving to walk in the ways of the Lord. He is blessed and he seeks with his whole heart.

Verse 4 – His thoughts turn to God and realizes that God has commanded us to walk in his ways.

Verse 5 – A longing that he had within himself, that his ways would be directed by the Lord

Verse 6 & 7 – His thoughts turned to what could/would happen within his own life if he learned more of the Lord’s ways and obeyed His commandments.

Verse 8 – He is committing himself to keep the Lord’s statutes, and a plea that the Lord would not forsake him.

I echo with the Psalmist "I WILL keep Thy statutes."


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My Calling as a Mother

I can truly be fulfilled in mothering. I can truly enjoy it. Mothering is an awesome task and responsibility. The children born into this world need someone to care for them 24/7. They need someone to teach and train them. Someone to guide them into the truth. God needs men and women to live for him and spread His Word. And I was given a task ~ to train my little ones, so that they will become men and women who are on fire for God.

Am I fulfilling my job responsibility? Is God pleased with my work? God and my little ones are depending on me to do it to the best of my abilities. My husband is also depending on me and trusting in me to do it to the best of my ability.

God, thank-you that you have given me this awesome task of mothering. But I need your wisdom, grace, patience and love. I need your indwelling Spirit, your enabling power. I can not do it on my own strength.

Thank you, Lord, for enabling me for this HUGE task. A~men.

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